Transformation in Trials

Dr. Daniel Fox: Transforming the balance between sites and sponsors

January 03, 2023 Season 2 Episode 16
Transformation in Trials
Dr. Daniel Fox: Transforming the balance between sites and sponsors
Show Notes

This week we speak to Dr. Daniel Fox, founder & CEO of Clinical Research Payment Network about how the power dynamic between sponsors and sites is shifting. We speak about the harms of “talkdown tech” and how sites can take back control over their own processes.  


We speak about the predominant model today and how sponsors in the name of efficiency introduce systems and processes to sites that may or may not work in the specific clinical setting of that site. One of the key reasons for this tendency is the information asymmetry between sponsors and sites. 


One of the problems with this approach is that it does not work. Sites are different both individually - but also according to specialities and geographies. Another issue is that it is not legally feasible in the structure between sponsors and sites. 


Site-facing technologies are bridging the gap, with the needs of the sites front and centre of the functionality. This is emerging as talk-up tech - initiated by sites, because it allows them to run clinical trials in the best possible way


A related term we uncover is site centricity. Physicians are the most stable element of healthcare - whether sponsors or sites exist or not. The physicians will continue to provide healthcare to patients long after the trial is completed. Optimising the clinical trial ecosystem for their needs makes sense. 


We dive into the PACT-score and how it is addressing the asymmetries between sites, CROs and sponsors - giving back control and options to sites for which trials they select to participate in.  



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